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You started this business from a deep passion for your craft.

You love it!

You want to make it an important revenue source for your family…maybe even quit the 9-5 to pursue this passion full-time.

You have taken an important step toward your maker business!

Now it seems like you’re just running in mud. You’re not gaining any traction even with all the time you’re putting. You’re not making any sales and when they do they are far and few in between. You try to create the magic that brought in that sale but can’t seem to crack the code.

You’ve read every book you can get your hands on to try to figure out how to market and grow your handmade business, but none of it makes any sense. You’re left with even more questions: What is a sales funnel? …And do I need one? Should I be scaling? How about AdSense and messenger bots? You’re still having a hard time finding solutions that are right for your specific business challenges. The truth is, these guys are talking about making multi-million dollar launches and you can barely sell a few earrings at a craft show.

Your business is different than what the gurus are teaching on the internet about. Your marketing and promotional strategy have to be different and unique, just like you and the products you lovingly create.

You can have the Handmade Business You Deserve!


Craft Biz Solution is a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping makers and crafters build and grow their business.


The problem with your business is not the product. The problems are:

  1. You are not reaching your ideal customers?
  2. Are you feeling overwhelmed with marketing and confused by what to do?  

You don’t have time to try every new marketing fad or jump on every bandwagon. You just need to find the strategy that works for you so you can get back to what you love, the making and creating.


I can help you get your handmade biz on track and move ahead.


I can help you to widen your market to get more ideal customers, grow your biz, increase your price and most importantly, increase profits.

Get help to address your specific business challenges.

So, right now you are wondering if this is right for you?

Maybe it’s not. If you are content with your sales over the last year and you are consistently growing, then you are okay. You can find all the answers you need on the internet, Google is a great teacher… if you know the questions to ask. Maybe you are worried the investment might be too much, that you can afford a coach and strategist. That might be true, only if you plan to continue with minimal sales.

A coach and strategist can skyrocket your business and help fast forwarding you around common pitfalls so you can see results faster than trying to figure it out all alone. If you are ready to make a real change in your business, now is the time to set the foundation.

Whether you are just starting out and trying to figure out how to turn your hobby into a profitable business or you’re already selling online (Etsy, Artfire, etc,), at craft shows, or brick and mortar shops, I can help you figure out solutions to take your business to the next level.  I can help you create your marketing strategy, find your ideal customers, and figure out how to grow and expand.

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How to atttract more customers


Let’s get started. . . 

Get serious about your craft!